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There are many wedding video mixing software available on the internet, but it is difficult to choose the best of them. Can come with some complicated user interfaces which can only be understood by a professional video editor. And you need to worry about the output quality of the video and the built-in video effects and the available transitions to make the full video. No worries! You can connect to your wedding videos and photos using a Perfect Wedding Video Mixing Software Tool like Filmora Video Editor. The most important thing is that it is easy to use and it comes with many beautiful works. So, you can add beautiful text, changes or effects to a particular occasion to make the final video even more amazing.

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Best Wedding Video Mixing Software Filmmara Video Editor for Windows (or Filmera Video Editor for Mac) is one of the most amazing and perfect wedding video mixing software to mix video. The overall user interface of the software is so simple that anyone with little knowledge of computer can easily handle it. In addition to the user interface, it also offers the best quality videos and you can save them to DVDs for viewing on your LED. The most important thing about software is that it offers amazing features and is fully compatible with MacOS 10.13. The main features of this wedding video mixing software There are many overlays and 300+ new effects to create beautiful videos. There are some wonderful filters like Instagram to make a section more prominent. It also comes with a wonderful music library, therefore, you can add special tracks according to the occasion. You can also add your favorite tracks to make the video even more beautiful. The final video will be like a video created by a professional filmmaker or photographer.

How to Mix Wedding Videos in Filmora Video Editor

Here’s our step-by-step approach on how to use the software to create wedding videos. Step 1 : Import videos, photos, audio track Get the latest version of the Filmora Video Editor on your Windows PC or Mac. Run the software for the first time and choose the screen parameter for your video. Now, you will see the main interface of the program. You can import various types of files like video, audio track and photos into the software. Simply click on the “import media” button in the center and select the wedding video files that you want to import the editor to. Step 2: Make Basic Edit: Merge, Split, Crop, Trim Video Now, take the video or photo of your wedding to the main editing area. Just drag any file and leave it in the editing area. Once the videos are in the editing area, you can do different things on them. All basic editing tools are present right on the main interface. In addition, you can right click any video and select the original editing function you want to do. • Trim: If the video is long and contains unwanted parts, you can remove them using the trim function. • Split: splitting a video clip into two separate clips to make different effects on both clips • Merge: to join two separate clips • Crop: To adjust the frame of the video, it will also remove unwanted things in a clip Step 3: Apply Text to Wedding Video To add text to a very important parameter, you can use it to identify a person, add beautiful photos of different photos, and add different text styles before the beginning of the opportunity. Filmora Video Editor has a large library of text that you can apply to video. Click the “Text” button just below the music icon, select a style and you’re good to go. You can also change the various parameters of the text such as size, style, color, and text alignment. Simply click on the text in the editing area and choose what you want to change. Step 4: Apply transitions, filters, and overlays This wedding is the most important step related to the mix of video. The transitions are applied to join two clips. Click the Transition button as shown in the screenshot below. Select any transition and click on the “+” sign to add them to the project. Filters will basically change the overall color combination of the video and give it a new look. Click on the filter and select to apply to any of these special clips. Similarly, the overlay can be added to fully mix the video. Click the button just below the filter and select an overlay to add it to a clip. Step 5: Add Background Music to Wedding Videos The program already has a huge library of music available and you can add your songs to the video too. First of all, you have to remove the background audio of a video. Right click on a video and click on “Detach Audio” Now, remove the audio track from the timeline. Now, you can either select the sound from the software or you can import your track into the video. Most of the sounds in the program are a little long, such as suspense music, bell and camera shutter. However, you can import your audio track first in the media library and then drag it to the editing area to set it for a special occasion. But if you have not separated the audio, then it will be mixed with them and the sound quality of the video will be wasted. Step 6: Exporting Wedding Video Once you have mixed your wedding video, you can click on the export button to export it to your computer. There are so many formats available in which you can export the video.

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