How To Change Background in Photoshop

There are a few different ways you can change the background of your photos. This article will introduce you in various ways that you can use to change the background of images in Photoshop as well as do some other programs. We will include step-by-step processes of the first two, and follow the same with the quick breakdown on the other five. If you want to learn more? Continue reading! …….Change background in Photoshop

Change background in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a piece of complex software. Most of the people doing this were trained to do this. In this training, there is a time of months or years to learn all the little tricks, keyboard shortcuts, vocabulary etc. In essence, Photoshop is not designed for your regular person, this is a premium product which was specially made for professionals. However, you can follow these steps if you want to edit a quick photo background.

How to change background in Photoshop

Step 1: Import photos

The first thing you need to do to change the background of your images in Photoshop is to import the file that you want to edit. You can do this by clicking the “Open …” button on the main menu page.
Step 2: Apply the Mask For the next part of it you have to apply a ‘transparency’ mask on your image. There are some ways you can do this: Method 1: Click on the “Select” tab> “Select and mask …” (as shown in the image below).
Method 2: Use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Ctrl + R Doing so will change the look of your Photoshop Editor so that you can erase and apply the mask based on your needs. Step 3: Erase the Mask You can control the parts that you want to clear part of the mask and transparent. There are a few different tools you can try (highlighted in the image below) By the end, only the background should be covered by the mask. When you do, click “OK” on the bottom right of the screen to get back to the original editor.
Step 4: Applying the Mask Once you have selected the parts you want to keep, you have to apply the layer mask. By doing this, right-click on the original layer. It will open a drop-down menu with a few different options. All you needs do is press “Apply layer mask”. Step 5: Change background in Photoshop You can change the background of your images in different ways. But first of all, you have to “create a new layer” so that the new background can be applied under the original image. To change the actual background, you can try one of the following methods:
Method 1: Import an image for your new background Method 2: Create an empty layer and create your background Tip: Whatever background you want to apply, make sure it is under the original layer (as highlighted in the image below) Step 6: Save Image The most important part is saving your final product. With Photoshop, you can go about it in a different way.
Method 1: Click on the “File” tab> click on the “Save As” option and choose where you want your new image. Method 2: Save the keyboard shortcuts automatically using Ctrl + S

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