What is An Edius 9 Pro Software ? Features And Introduction.

Edius Pro 9 is a powerful video editing processing software that allows you to edit any video from anywhere with this Edius 9. Professional features allows you to edit videos content in the most special way. The software has the best workflow and makes a lot of improvement in editing performance of third-party encoders.

Original introduction

EDIUS Pro 9 is a powerful and easy to use video editing & processing software. It allows you to handle more resolution, unlimited audio tracks and real-time editing capabilities, so you can edit any content from anywhere, including Magazine content and studio programming, as well as corporate, documentary and 4K theater production. . EDIUS 9 also supports EDL project import / output color correction switching and a new color grading workflow for DaVinci solutions. Non-linear editing software has been widely used in the industry and it has been well received. Completing the completion of EDIUS software is a permanent goal of canopies in Japan.

Latest features

After several different versions of the update, today EDIUS 9 with new features, improvements in original deficiencies, improved flexibility and convenience, improved service of most users EDII 9 improvements are multifunctional The most intuitive change of operation interface is more convenient and more user-friendly. Compared with the previous version, EDIUS can fully support the Windows 10 operating system, improve editing performance of third-party encoders, support multi-party plug-in and facilitate professionals. Use of. The new version supports more formats and has the best workflow in it, whether it is 4K, 3D, HD or SD, 24×4 to 4kx2k In almost all formats, all on the same timeline, even in nested scenes, EDIUS Pro 9 can be operated in real time. EDIUS 9 supports all popular file formats, including Sony XXX, Panasonic P2, Canon XF and EOS. In post-production). However, the real excellence of EDIUS is the ability to handle many new formats at high speeds, such as: Sony Xavc (Intra / Long GOP) / Xavc S, Panasonic AVC-Ultra and Canon XF-AVC Simply use editing, no matter what format you can use for editing.


1.            Better 4K editing process, support Black magic Design’s Deck Link 4K Extreme, Ultra Studio 4K, AJA Kona 3G (only preview) Support for non-linear hardware, EDL or AAF import / export Grass Valley using HQX encoding, And solution timeline color correction process of Davinci 11 exchanges. 2. Support for third-party boards from Black magic Design, Matrox and AJA 3. Including multiple resolution content – 24 * 24 to 4K * 2K, changing different frame rates in real time on the same timeline, improving the work efficiency for editors. 4. Support latest file formats – SONY XAVCAM (Intra / Long GOP) / XAVC S, Panasonic AVC-Ultra / AVC-Intra 4K 422 and Canon XF-AVC (Input only). 5. Source code for editing different types of video formats, including: Sony XXX, Panasonic P2, Ikegami GF, Red, Canon XF and EOS Movie Format. 6. Current fastest AVCHD editing speed can be edited in real time in 3 layers. 7. Multi-camera editing capability and video output up to 16 positions in real time. 8. Increased MPEG and 264 / AVC codec capability (fast encoding for 4K XAVC) for faster 4K H.264 playback. 9. Based on the optimization of the fourth generation Intel Core architecture, Intel Quick Sync supports video speed 264 output (for Blu-ray burning). 10. Local processing for faster processing of image files (JPG, TGA, DPX, etc.) in large quantities for smooth real-time editing. 11. Support agent mode, increase PC processing efficiency and improve work efficiency. 12. Flexible user interface, including: unlimited video, audio, subtitles and graphics track. 13. Support 3D stereo editing, built-in image stabilizer, and Blu-ray and DVD record directly from the timeline.


1. You must install and install QuickTime before installing Edius 9 now. Double-click ” Quick Time_ 7.7.7.exe ” and follow the prompts to click Next to install now. 2. After the installation completes, run the main program, check the agreement and then click install; 3. After the installation is completed, run the program edius 9 on the desktop, and click on “eID web” when prompted. 4. Enter your email address and password to log in, select a test software, and then click Submit. The registration code will be sent to your email address, and then you will get the serial number copied in the email address. 5. Enter the registration code in the authorization interface and click on register; 6. Registration is successful and can be used normally and easily.

Update log

1. Basic support for Windows 10 2. Engineering template function. 3. Better support and editing performance for third-party encoder. 4. New support for Open FX plugins, supported by: Boris Continuum Complete, Hit Film and Amethyst. 5. Sharing support EDIUS project files between Stratus cloud users. 6. Support for better management of EDIUS project files as part of the Stratus Assets in the new version of Stratus

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